Editor's note: Aminat Babajide is filled with aspiration and we are determined to help her figure out how to actualize her aspirations. 

She managed to conduct the following interview with a budding photo-cinematographer in South Africa. 
We can sense the makings of an internationally acclaimed Journalist here. Great things begin with tentative effort and that why we are so excited about the potential within her!

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Interview with a Nigerian born -South Africa photography/cinematography student 

 How would you introduce yourself?

Yuskolex Photo: My name is Yusuf Shodeinde, I am a visual storyteller ( Photographer, Cinematographer)

Tell us about growing up; what can you share about your family?

Yuskolex Photo: Growing up was fun and tough, being raised in a polygamous house, it has its ups and down and being the last born of the house, I did enjoy my childhood even though some days are tough ( smile)

Can you take us through your educational background?

Yuskolex Photo: My primary education started from Anwar-Ul-Islam Primary School, Oba Akran Agege, had my junior secondary school education in Iloro grammar school while I finished my senior high school years in Abibatu Mogaji Millennium secondary school, Agege. 
I gained admission to study Mass-Communication at the prestigious Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where I obtained my national diploma before I traveled to South Africa to further my education, I am presently in my final year studying Film, Television and video Production at Oakfields College before leaving for South Africa, I enrolled for a short course at Body Lawson school of Photography where I studied Digital photography and Lighting

Why photography and film production?

Yuskolex Photo: I am drawn to people who are artful, both in audio and visual form, sometimes I wonder where their inspiration comes from. 
I developed further interest while on campus studying Mass-Communication, at the 2nd year, we were introduced to photo-journalism, that course opened my eyes to the world of visuals and how one can tell a story with pictures, also I bought my first camera same year while working as a photo editor for the popular Aura Magazine on campus.

What is it like studying your passion in South Africa?

Yuskolex photo: It's a wonderful experience, being exposed to different people, cultures and ethnicity. Especially studying in a creative environment where you meet people who share the same vision as you. 
I am glad I made the move even though I'm supposed to be serving now ( NYSC), I had to drop out of the HND program to pursue a film-making career abroad but I have no regrets whatsoever, I am doing what I love and that is all that matters.

Is there's a gap film makers in Nigeria should work to fill up when you compare South Africa film makers to Nigerian Filmakers?

Yuskolex Photo: Yes, I think there is a huge gap there, as far as professionalism is concerned. Here, you will see that most filmmakers working in the industry are film graduates or study related course and even the one who didn't major in it at school attends a workshop.
I believe we can do better in that aspect by creating a more viable environment for filmmakers to thrive especially in the area of film studies

Are you saying professionalism is absent in our film making industry?

Yuskolex Photo: hmm to some extent , yes

What do you think is the problem? And what are the likely solutions?

Yuskolex Photo: As I said earlier, the need for a proper film school in Nigeria where film enthusiasts can learn about the nitty-gritty of film-making. You see, film-making is no child's play
There are lots of people in the industry who don't understand the basic things a filmmaker needs to know hence, the need for proper education.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Yuskolex Photo: at the Oscars, Emmy.see Yuskolex films going international, making classic national cinema movies

I like that! Is there any work of yours we should look out for?

Yuskolex Photo: Yes, I am presently working on a short film titled " Bad Blood" in Post production right now

Okay.. We are looking forward to that. 
Who are those you look forward to in the industry both nationally and internationally?

Yuskolex Photo: I look up to Bradley Young, Emmanuel Lubezki, Roger Deakins, Ofentse Mwase, Steven Spielberg, Tunde Kelani and Kunle Afolayan 😊

Do you have anything to say about the phrase "Nigerian youth are lazy "?

Yuskolex Photo: Well.. I think Nigerian youths are not lazy, we are hardworking individuals who believe in the beauty of our dreams. 
We are very very hardworking with a "go-getter" attitude.


  1. This is an eye opener , I think Nigerians cinematographer needs to put more professionalism to their work . Kudos Aminat

  2. It's sometimes absurd seeing some of Nigeria movies. Well the expert shld keep it up they will get there some day. Welcome aminat, you have done a great job.


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