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Moral values, and a culture and a religion, maintaining these values are far better than laws and regulations – Swami Sivananda

Diligence, commitment, honesty, pride and promptness are all hallmarks of work, service delivery and trade. There were days when people do jobs in all honesty and with diligence.  

The situation can now best be described as the good old days. An opportunity to serve was viewed as a chance to express talent, and to increase prosperity. In addition to this trades men and women include good customer relations as a standard. 

It wasn’t only big brands who were particular about customer relations and ethics in service delivery. Our everyday artisan, traders and service men and women in general valued the opportunity to deliver service and are appreciative of such chances. 

The food caterer was grateful for patronage from anyone. She goes the extra mile to serve the customer especially when it was possible to get the cooking done through relatives and friends. Traders genuinely adhered to the mantra “Customer is King”. 

People set up day care/crèche facilities not just for the sake of money. They cared for the children as their own. Parents do not have to worry as to the care of their children even when they are late for pick-up. Schools watched over the pupils with jealousy. 

They did not need tips to take care the children. Teachers impacted knowledge with passion. They organized extra classes for the love of the children and not for financial rewards. For those who had the financial muscles to pay for home tutors, the teachers worked to see results not to the extent of fees paid to them. 

Most people worked to achieve fulfillment to say with pride that “this is the result of my work” not this is the property I amassed from my work. The retired teacher is happy to live in a small cottage and sit on his or her veranda watching old pupils and students, who have now become full grown adults, pass-by. 

People rendered services with selflessness not selfishness. The reasons for offering services was to exercise talents, contribute to humanity and make ends meet. Financial benefit was placed at the bottom of the ranking. This is good work ethics plus good service delivery.

This is not to condemn the increase in creativity and drive to make businesses more prosperous. Rather this is to encourage people in the service and trading sector to rate adequate and proper service delivery higher than monetary gains.

Poor service delivery is a situation in which a customer is not satisfied with services provided. It also describes a situation where customer does not enjoy the full complement of service paid for. This is an inconvenience for the customer as someone else has to be engaged to offer the omitted service point.  

Poor service delivery arises as a result of negligence, lack of customer relation skill, poor human relations and the likes. Poor service delivery in simpler words means that the customer has not received the level of services expected especially those agreed upon before the contract. 

Wikipedia describes work ethics is a belief that hard work and diligence have a moral benefit and an inherent ability, virtue or value to strengthen character and individual abilities. It says further that it is about prioritizing work and putting it in the center of life. Work ethics covers our attitude to work and behavior at work. 

Poor service delivery as well as poor work ethics is currently social ill we are battling. I am worried. Are you?

Where has prompt and sincere service delivery gone? When did we fall deep into the abysmal of poor work ethics? Are the days of honesty, pride in one’s brand and selflessness gone forever and never to return?

In the phase of economic instability witnessed over the years in Nigeria, prices of goods as well as cost of contracting services have increased dramatically.  Services are offered at higher prices but at lesser quality or value. Many people want shortcuts to earn money thereby rendering services in half measures. Or how do you explain away the consultancy fee charged by estate agents for merely showing you vacant apartment for rent? 

How do we rationalize the charges by the so called "radionics" on our streets for checking out why our radio set stopped giving audio output? 
Worse still it is actually becoming increasingly difficult to find one who is willing to carry out repair works on small appliances such our transistor radio sets, electric blender and electric kettles. Only a handful still accepts such jobs. Want to know why? They say the service bill is not worth sweating over. 

The income is too minimal and insignificant to their prosperity target. This also means customers will spend more since they have to keep purchasing new appliances to replace the faulty ones that cannot be repaired.

Even our household maintenance staff does not offer services as usual. The gardener puts up attitude on his job. He refuses to clear out the weed. He says that is not part of his job. This is a wonder. Is it not a given that one clears out mess made by oneself?

The cleaning staff does just that, cleaning. Most aren’t bothered about the employer’s well-being. All that matters to them is their wage or salary. 
There are instances of security guards leaving the security post to pursue other jobs such as motorbike transport once the employer is away. 
This is someone who has been entrusted with the protection and security of the property. Some to pool houses to gamble or play bet games. In another instance, a personal driver disappears for weeks after travelling for festivities with permission for just a week leaving the employer hanging. 

The question is where is the commitment to work and diligence? There used to be a bond between household staff and the employer. What we see these days is that this is lacking in most cases.
You look to your beautician for full service complement but you do not get it. The hairstylist requests to be paid to loosen your old hairdo. 
This used to be part of the full service complement. 

The hairstylist no longer reuses hair extension because it takes more effort to fix or weave. What happened to thinking out of the box to offer value to customers with whatever resources is available? Do your work with honesty and pride.

Gas stations are now in the habit of tweaking meters to shortchange customers and enrich themselves. The other thing is to collect extra for selling fuel into Jerrycans. Customers pay more for lesser value. 
The frozen dairy and food seller resets the measuring scale to make more profit. Only a few can be trusted to have the accurate measurements.

Do you remember how Garri (Cassava flakes) were measured in those days? You had to throw your arms around the measuring jar and paint bucket in addition to your chest to take as much when it is measured. The same goes for the Elubo (cassava flour). No more are those scenarios possible. 

Measuring pans are adjusted. Some are filled with candle wax at the base. Others are cut-off at the top. All this just to increase profit? In certain cases, the measures are in 2 pairs. The accurate ones and the adjusted measures. The latter is used for unsuspecting customers. One is bound to ask, why does a seller need 2 different sets of measuring containers? 

Yet we sit back and watch? Does it mean that it is right to make monetary gains the fulcrum of all we do? When did we become dishonest people? Where is our integrity? Is this the way? In what direction is our moral compass looking?

Now how much money has been made in spite of cutting corners? Such increase might not necessarily be significant as we still have many unethical trades mean and woman stagnant on same financial level.

It is better to “do what is right, not what is easy”. We as a people should begin to pay more attention to our actions, looking at them through the moral compass. Let us not look at instances such as described above with levity or as mere value judgment. 

Look around you is this true to certain degree? Dig beyond the surface, not that you have to be an investigative journalist to uncover the truth, to understand that our values have been eroded and standard for honesty has fallen. Our customers should see us as reliable, honest and trustworthy. 

The saying that honesty is the best policy still stands. Honesty pays. 

If we are to go forward, we must go back and rediscover those precious values – that all reality hinges on moral foundations and that all reality has spiritual control – Martin Luther King Jr

Remilekun Toviho


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