Na Once For Four Years

Editors note;
So we didn't limit ourselves to mentoring talents in only one type of language. We accepted future broadcasters who will flourish in other languages too!
One such trainee is our budding Pidgin English talent Chucks. 

Here's what he thinks of the current situation of Nigeria's political scene.
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Na Once For Four Years
By Chucks Michael

Political swit tok bi like marital vows wey husband n wife tok wit each oda 
wen dey first start di joli joli for dier relationship, but eh som dey quick forget di swit tok.Som married couples wey enta long distance relationship tok som kain promise sey dem go dey see demselves once for a week, somtime eh di mata go enta weeks,even months self abi years.

Since military goment sama power gi civilian goment for inside 1999,9ja pipo only get di chance to joli wit politicians dem n  dier parti wen campaigns dey happen,dat one eh no favour di pipo,sake of sey afta election mata don end di sufferness go too plenti.And as di campaign dey happen,plenti promise na im all dis political parti dem n dier pesin go tok.Dey go tok sey dem go build beta skool,sama di pipo wit beta roads,work go plenti yanfu yanfu,dey even tok sey dem go gi small small pinkin dem wey dey primary skool,si eh wen dey enta power eh all dis tori wey dem tok wen campaigns dey happen,dey demselves go forget wetin dey tok,na di pipo dem go dey beg dem sey dey never do wetin dey tok sey dey go do.All dis swit tok wey di politician dem dey tok for campaigns time eh na just to enta di poor pipo dem head n na just once di pipo dem fit joli wit di politicians,becos wen dey enta power eh,dem go kon forget all di promises wey dey tok sey dem go do,dey go kon turn di pipo dem to mumu.

9ja pipo nid to cari dier two legs eh Waka go back,back so dey go fit know di Kain wayo wey all dis politicians n dier parties dem dey kolobi for vote. For last election wey happen inside we kontri for 2015, political parties dem n dier pesin use one Kain style wey oyinbo dey yarn unconventional approach, for dis kain tin dey gi di pipo moni,rice,n even GOTV decoder n plenti plenti tins,sake of sey make di poor pipo dem kolobi dier vote kon dier side.

For 2019,9ja pipo dey get plenti part to select di pesin wey go serve Dem veri well for four years n no bi for one day or weeks abi months gan self. Di voters card na di only juju wey di pipo go fit use pursue politician Dem dier parti commot for we kontri oga patapata seat.

Di oga patapata position wey dey in charge of election mata for we kontri wey dem dey call INEC sey dey don Register 91 political parties dem,chai for dis kain ogbogen mata swit mouth go plenti bi day eh. Di wan wey APC n PDP use for 2015 na CHANGE n TRANSFORMATION AGENDA dey use separately but na APC na im win m,dis wan no go useful jare for 2019,dey go chook dier head,eyes n ear for anada  tori wey go fit kolobi di pipo dem make  dey vote for dem, dis na di time wey we kontri pipo need to wake up jare,we don too slip upanda  becos na our hand e dey to make di kontri beta.

Sikurity no dey for dis earth,na chance na im dey for everibodi, di PVC na di only chance 9ja pipo get to pursue korruption n wrong politicians dem wit dier parti,na di same PVC dey fit use gi beta pesin dis chance to make di kontri beta again.

But eh everi ogbogen political campaign nid make dey use hand rewrite di rules, find anada way wey  dey go fit kolobi power n win, like dis eh na di pipo power dey wit now to take pursue  any pesin wey e eyes dey chook for goment sit wey no go work for di pipo, n na dem go still pick pesin wey go gi dem all di beta beta tins wey dey need like beta skool,roads, hospital, light,n plenti tins like dat. 9ja pipo make una na sell una vote, make una use una vote to take commot korrupt pipo,n tiff tiff pipo wey dey goment house, for di sake of sey we go fit joli everiday no bi once for a day,abi weeks,even months self,but everiday. 


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