I am Haleemah

Western media projects Nigeria negatively; they say Nigeria is an unpleasant place to be, call us  a group of people who are suffering from poverty, hunger , diseases, under development , lack education and a sundry other derogatory epitaphs.

I want to tell a positive story about us, I aspire to become an Agro-journalist, as I think Agro journalism is yet to be fully explored in Nigeria.

Unemployment is one of the biggest challenges facing Nigeria as a nation, Nigeria is blessed with arable lands, which makes agriculture a way out of our mono economy predicament, the youth constitutes the largest part of our population. They should be fully engaged in agriculture to move the nation forward.

The much preferred white collar job are not really available, production is no longer labor intensive, technological advancement is fast  replacing labour/ man power skills and only the innovative and proactive will manage to stay fed and employed under the current circumstances.

The essence of agriculture cannot be over emphasized, to quote Thomas Jefferson, " agriculture is our wisest pursuit because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals , and happiness "
Another saying goes thus "you might need a lawyer or a doctor at one point or the other in your life , but you need a farmer three times daily".

"An industry that feeds you, is an industry to fight for ".

Agro journalism is in my opinion, a panacea for unemployment in Nigeria, I intend to package and promote an agro program that will be an agricultural information hub, that will enlighten , encourage and celebrate the achievers in the industry.

I also intend to host a talk show that will bring people from all spheres of life to address our societal issues  such as ; creating awareness for mental health, poverty eradication, poor standard of education , made in Nigeria ;sub standard products, human trafficking, drug abuse, get rich syndrome, rural urban migration and more!

Most importantly I aspire to project Nigeria positively to the world , through the mass media.
I want my voice to be heard , I want it to count!

Haleemah Shuaib


  1. It's good to have like minded people in the media who are prorural. The rural areas house farmlands that produces food for us. Farmers toil day and night to make food available. Alajapa, farm produce traders travel around the country sometimes to neighbouring countries to ensure we have food on our table. Yet we ignore VIPs like them. We do not talk about their issues in the media. We run after the big wigs who feed us with half lies, half truths. May your voice be heard Haleemag

    1. Thank you very much for your thoughts. Every little conversation on such important subjects count towards making things better for us all.


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